Lift Controller uk

Lift Controllers

Choose from two Controllers - the ASP116 and the Sprinte Evolution.

Sprinte Controllers are available in both stand alone and fully pre-wired configurations. This controller offers flexibility, allowing a range of different manufacturer's equipment to be incorporated.

Lift Controller uk
Sprinte Evolution


SD card for:
  • Storing information
  • Updating programs
  • Operating history
  • Storing diagrams and technical specifications
    (record drawings)

MP3 speech synthesis built in.

CAN OPEN LIFT BUS communication for card management on the landings and in the car.

Absolute encoder on the car roof millimetre stopping accuracy (optional).

ASP116 Controller


Microprocessor based controller
  • Open protocol controller (no programming tool required)
  • Relay PCB for Hydraulic, Traction or VVF
  • Simple optical reader system for shaft position
  • 100SP Main PCB with program for Hydraulic
  • Traction or VVVF incorporated



 - Single trailing cable

 - Speech synthesis in car and landings
   EN81 70

 - Hydraulic traction, traction VVF & MRL

 - Fault logon SD card, Excel compatible

 - Speed up to 1.6m/s (3m/s under trails now)

 - Electric call control

 - Choice of optical reader or absolute encoder

 - 32 floors

 - Electrical backstop NF 82-212

 - Temperature regulation & control    management

 - Site control for provisional movement

 - Control : APB, up/down, full collective and
   multiplexing 4 lifts

 - For landings: a choice of CAN OPEN
   LIFT BUS or conventional cabling


 - Pre-wired option availble

 - Hydraulic, Traction or Traction VVVF.

 - Built in Fault logger

 - Speed up to 1.6m/s

 - 103SP Optical reader for shaft position

 - Up to 16 floors

 - Control: APB Up/Down, Full Collective
   and multiplexing up to 3 lifts







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