lift controllers uk

Lift & Controller Products Ltd

We are the leading suppliers of quality lift equipment to the independent lift market.

We supply a full range of hydraulic and traction lifts, Sprinte controllers (which were predominantly used on Electra Vitoria lift packages), lift modernisation equipment and lift spare parts.

As an independent lift supplier we are in a unique position to offer a flexible product with a responsive service.  

By matching the large scale manufacturing processes with the security of working with a UK based company, Lift & Controller Products can meet your individual and customer specific requirements.

lift controllers uk

We offer components from the following Lift manufacturers:

· Sprinte – Controllers & PCB’s
  (UK Agent for Sprinte)

· Kleemann – Packages  & Components

· Electra Vitoria - Components

· Setronik – PCB’s

· Blaine – Hydraulic equipment

· DMG – Pushes, displays, COP’s and
  Landing stations

· Schaefer – Pushes, displays, COP’s
  and Landing stations

· GMV – Hydraulic equipment

lift controllers uk


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